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Are you an elephant hunter?

Breaking into the realm of ‘limitlessness’  and infinite possibilities sometimes requires that you help others overcome the same limiting obstacle that you are struggling with as well.  Along the way, you become stronger in mind, body and spirit.   It helps you look beyond your problems and will give you the positive energy and attitude you need to be successful, not only for you but for others.  The ‘Circle of Life’ is such that what you give ultimately comes back to you ten-fold.

Embrace this truth; no matter where you are or what state you are in, there is somebody out there who could benefit from your service to them.


In doesn’t take much to make a difference, just my willingness 

Rubi Ho: Author, Leadership

You can be a hostage to your ego or a host to God-Wayne Dyer


“Confronting my Elephants” is about confronting all things limiting, all things “EGO” in your life. It’s about a paradigm shift away from limiting beliefs and towards God. It’s about focusing on truth. It’s about work. Lots and lots of hard work. It’s about doing the work required to strip away the things that don’t complete you, that limit you, and reigniting the things that are fully you, that help complete you and fill your cup.

More than you might realize, you are in a battle, with yourself. I am no exception. That battle is literally between your ego self versus God who is in you. Here’s the question of all questions: Who are you going to strive to become more like? Who are you going to become more of, your ego-self or like your Creator?  The choice is yours as the choice is mine.


I strive to act and think ways that only build me up

I will brush off those who try to create resentment in me or in others

Rubi Ho: Author, Leadership

Risks worth taking

Life might not be predictable, you might not know where the next turn is going to lead you, but should that stop you from taking risks, a leap of faith, going for the gusto?  Nothing worth having in life comes easy.  You are worth it.  You deserve it, really.  I call it being “positively” selfish.

I believe this to be true:  No one is capable of fully serving another without being complete themselves.  Have you ever come home from a hard day’s work, completely exhausted?  How was it for your family, your kids, or your loved one?  I’m sure they didn’t get the best of you.  Serving and giving your best to others is a lot like the family analogy, especially when it comes to living limitlessly.  Your cup has to be full if you are to serve and live completely.

This means that you need to do whatever it takes to fill up your cup.  Do it so others can see the complete you, in all of your glory.  Do it for you.  Live out who God created you to be.  There is no better time than now.

I focus on what I know:  I was created to be great
Selfless serving comes naturally when my cup is full
I will do everything within my power to become whole
Rubi Ho: Author, Leadership