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Waves don’t have hands, yet they perfectly mold shells. What can you do with yours?

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If you don’t believe you can move mountains…you are not there yet..

Jesus said, “if you have faith the size of a mustard seed and said mountain move out of my way, it would move.”

Wow! Really? What type of person would make such a bold and almost un-imaginable statement? I’ll tell you…only a person who fully believes he is connected with our Creator.

I don’t know about you, but unless I’m watching a superhero movie, I’ve not been privy to actually witnessing a human being move a mountain. It doesn’t mean it can’t be done however. In fact, I believe it is possible. With man, we are full of limits. With God, we are limitless. When is your spiritual journey complete?  When you believe  and can actually move mountains!

I strive to move mountains in my life
With God, anything is possible

Rubi Ho: Author of Confronting My Elephants and What’s Your Impact on Business

In the beginning…

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

Ultimately, that is all one ever really needs to know. There was God and then there was a beginning. And before the beginning, there was God. Nothing else. From God’s breath, creation began, literally. Everything came AFTER God, the beginning, the universe, the planets, the earth, and ultimately us…and God said, “and it was all good.”

In deep meditation and prayer, where time slips away and thoughts disappear, you discover something beautiful, there are no boundaries, there are no limits, there is no concept of identity, no titles, no religious affiliations, just peace, just clarity, just one-ness with God. God lies beyond all of our definitions, all of our titles, all of our boundaries, and all of our limits. The “I Am” that was, is and forever will be, exists in you. Pray and meditate in deep silence, clear your mind, remove yourself, literally, and connect.


I am complete as God is in me and completes me.
I have a real, personal connection with God, always.
One-ness is what I want, nothing more, nothing less.

Rubi Ho: Author, Leadership

It’s Never Too Late…

I love my mother in law. She is the epitomy of what I would call the “meek.” She is kind, gentle, full of love, and as caring as they come. She wouldn’t harm a soul. She’s been through a lot in her life. She comes from a very poor background and had the responsibility of helping her mom take care of her 12 brothers and sisters in the home. Consequently, she had to drop out of school right after the 5th grade. With little educational background and not much guidance, she eventually found a job making shoes, from scratch. For 20 years of her life, she would weave together shoes, behind her sowing machine, for days on end. Once completed, she would carry the couple hundred pound bag of shoes down to the bus stop, take it to the subway, and ride the subway down to the vendor. Month after month, year after year, that’s all she did.  She did not know of anything else…or so she thought.

Today, she lives with my wife and me in the States. Since her shoe making days, she has learned English, earned her driver’s license, has her own car, is involved in the local church, takes dance lessons, and is studying for her citizenship test. This might not seem like a lot to you, but  from the perspective of a 61 year old lady, it’s everything.  In her words, “I never imagined I could push my limits this far let alone think I would be taking dance lessons one day.”  What sparked the change?  She started believing in possibilities and not limits.

It’s never too late to start anything, no matter how old you are or how far you think you’ve gone down your current direction.  Ask yourself a simple question:  Are you complete?  And if the answer is “no,” I challenge you to take some active steps towards completeness.

Embrace this truth:   Your soul is infinite, limitless and ageless. Live through your limitless soul, not by the finite boundaries of society.


I will strive for completeness

Fulfillment comes when I ask, “What if?” and take steps