Perfect job? Not likely…Perfect Service? Much more realistic!



Perfect job?  Not likely…Perfect Service?  Much more realistic!


The weekend is winding down.  Football games, golf, time with the family, sleeping in a little, and checking the mind out of work was nice for a few days.  But now it’s time to get back to work.


And even if you have a job that you love, it takes work to shift back into gear, take on the challenges of the work environment and give it your all.  No job, no matter how wonderful it might seem to be, is perfect.


You might love what you do, but that doesn’t mean everything is hunky dory all day long.  There are always difficult people to deal with, tight deadlines, hundreds of different project needs to complete, and not enough time in the day to complete it all.  No matter what, realize every work environment, regardless of how perfect it might seem, will bring challenges and test your abilities.


So let go of the Monday blues, NOT by wondering if you belong in a different job.  Rather, make the most of your situation and work environment by focusing on perfect service.  Focus on bringing the best of what you have to offer to the table, always.  Bring the best attitude, the best mindset, the best energy and willingness to give your all at your place of work.  Leave at the end of the day with no regrets, no hard feelings towards anything or anyone.  Leave knowing you gave perfectly of yourself.  Be a person of service, complete service.  You’ll sleep way better at night!



I will give of all that I have, my very best, the entire week


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Author:Rubi Ho

Rubi Ho is Vice President of Sherpa Executive Coaching in Cincinnati, Ohio. He works with senior executives and their organizations on leadership development and the integration of leadership and executive coaching into their cultures. Born in Vietnam, he and his family escaped from Saigon in 1975, the day before it fell. He resides with his lovely wife and 3 year old son in Cincinnati, OH.


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