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“Life Happens”: the ultimate God obstacle


“Life Happens”: the ultimate God obstacle

If there is one thing that gets between me and God, it’s life. Right after church on Sunday, my head gets into football! As soon as the evening approaches, I’m already thinking about the next day’s tasks. I’m planning out what I’m going to do during the week, who I’m going to see, and where I’m supposed to go. It’s all on my weekly calendar. I’ve become a “Stick to the calendar” expert. Bottom line, if it’s on my calendar Its going be done, guaranteed! The things on the calendar, whether I’d like to own up to it or not, are a reflection of my priorities. I’ve developed a discipline around them.

What’s the irony of it all? There is no time allotted for prayer. Not even a blip. I have things like exercise, date night with my wife, a round of golf, a meeting with the accountant, but no actual time with God.

God doesn’t actually need one on one time with me anyway right?  Besides, He’s some mystical, spiritual being who doesn’t have a hectic, crazy life like I do…EXACTLY!  Connecting with Him will re-center me where it counts.  Candidly, its going to be tough, because prayer requires me to do practically nothing active, be silent, still,  and quiet my mind, SLOW DOWN.  Who wants to do that? What is the value in that?

If I’m honest with myself, I know that there would be nothing greater and of more benefit for me than finding time to connect with God. Can you imagine your child not having time for you; Your spouse, best friend, or anyone else who’s relationship you might value? Without a doubt, God values a relationship with us. Being of pure love, He cherishes it.  You’ll find that those who disciplined enough to have daily prayer, time in silence, to connect to God are some of the most centered people you will ever meet.

Admittedly, I have fallen off the horse in the past couple of  weeks.  And it’s time to climb back on. Agenda item number one: 15 minutes of prayer, starting this evening and daily from here on out. I put it on my Calendar.


I make time for the important relationships in my life