About the Book

As a kid, Rubi and his family fled the Vietnamese War and ended up in the United States. Separated from his sisters, raised without a mother or father, lacking English skills, and living on food stamps, Rubi became obsessed with hiding his poverty and pretending to be the same as everyone else for all the wrong reasons. In his haste to plaster on a fake identity, he said yes to any and all of money’s temptations. As a result, he was lost for many years, causing heartache, creating problems, and ending up more confused than when he first started. It was not until his early thirties that he gained a sense of direction and learned to corral the elephants that stampeded through his life.


Rubi opens his heart and bares his unique life story for all to see. What’s the result? A tragic, fascinating, and ultimately triumphant story that leaves the reader convicted, empowered and inspired to become an “Elephant Hunter” in his own life. —Ray Aldridge, CEO ORR Corporation

In “Confronting My Elephants”, Rubi Ho offers his heartfelt story of God’s grace in his life. It’s real and raw and redemptive. I felt moved to a greater appreciation of God’s power and a deeper yearning for that power to be at work in my own life. —Russell Smith, Head Pastor Covenant First Presbyterian Church and author of Prophet of the Sun

Rubi Ho

“Confronting My Elephants” is available at Amazon.com

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